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"Quando a escola progride, tudo progride!". (Martinho Lutero).

segunda-feira, 16 de agosto de 2010

Midnight Questionings

During the day, disobedient eyes keep gazing; 
During the night, rebel dreams bring pictures: 
Images of a past that can’t be present, 
Photos of a future that may never come…
The straight line now leads to a crossroad; 
Choices and decisions wait to be made. 
There’s no way back if one turns right, 
And in the left side, the result is just the same.
Should a man tie his dreamer heart? 
Or should release it in a wild way? 
Between yesterday and tomorrow, 
His hardest question cries out saying:
Where are you that I may hear your voice? 
Now what?  
What was left for this moment named today? 
Midnight, silence...
Humberto de Lima

2 comentários:

Alice disse...

...q delícia foi ler seu comentário...q delícia divina !
..estou num daqueles dias maus q todos nós temos , e nessas horas, os amigos é que nos confortam como mensageiros divinos...

obrigada viu !

beijo pra vc aqui de Ubatuba

Irmao Roberto disse...

Ôôô yes!!
That Deus the abençoe always!
Irmao Roberto
(li o texto da mesma forma que escrevi)

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